Personal Data Protection Act

In compliance with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act, we are committed to safeguarding your personal data


In compliance with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act, effective from July 2014, we are committed to safeguarding your personal data.

In case you would like to withdraw your consent, please inform us at:

What is the Personal Data Protection Act?
The PDPA establishes a data protection law that comprises various rules governing the collection, use, disclosure and care of personal data. It recognizes both the rights of individuals to protect their personal data, including rights of access and correction, and the needs of organizations to collect, use or disclose personal data for legitimate and reasonable purposes.

Objectives of the Personal Data Protection Act
Today, vast amounts of personal data are collected, used and even transferred to third party organizations for a variety of reasons. This trend is expected to grow exponentially as the processing and analysis of large amounts of personal data becomes possible with increasingly sophisticated technology.

With such a trend comes growing concerns from individuals about how their personal data is being used. Hence, a data protection regime to govern the collection, use and disclosure of personal data is necessary to address these concerns and to maintain individuals’ trust in organizations that manage data.

How does the Personal Data Protection Act Work?
The PDPA will ensure a baseline standard of protection for personal data across the economy by complementing sector-specific legislative and regulatory frameworks. This means that organizations will have to comply with the PDPA as well as the common law and other relevant laws that are applied to the specific industry that they belong to, when handling personal data in their possession.

The PDPA takes into account the following concepts:

  • Consent – Organizations may collect, use or disclose personal data only with the individual’s knowledge and consent (with some exceptions);
  • Purpose – Organizations may collect, use or disclose personal data in an appropriate manner for the circumstances, and only if they have informed the individual of purposes for the collection, use or disclosure; 
  • Reasonableness – Organizations may collect, use or disclose personal data only for purposes that would be considered appropriate to a reasonable person in the given circumstances.

Personal Data Protection
The purpose of this document (“Data Protection Policy”) is to inform you of that the Swiss Association of Singapore (SAS) fully complies with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (No. 26 of 2012) (“the Act”). SAS respects your privacy and recognizes that your personal data is important to you.

Personal Data requested from all members

  • Full Name
  • Residential Address
  • Contact details, including telephone number or email address
  • Personal data of your spouse and children

Collection of Personal Data
SAS may also collect personal information on you and/or your family such as:

  • Photographs taken during events that you registered for
  • Personal interests and hobbies that you might have expressed for a survey
  • Any other information that might be shared whilst you participate in our activities and events, contests, surveys, lucky draws and/or other

Use of Personal Data Collected
SAS either currently uses or may in the future use your personal data for any purpose not prohibited by applicable law. This includes the following purposes:

  • Processing your membership registration
  • Inform you about our related updates, policies and other notices
  • Provide offers, invitations to events and deliver advertising messages via email or your mailing address with your prior consent or if otherwise permitted under local laws and regulations
  • Publish photos, in which you might appear, on our website or in our newsletter.
    We will not use, disclose or process your Personal Data for purposes which are not stated above or for which we have not obtained your consent. If we wish to use, disclose or process your Personal Data for another purpose we will seek your prior written consent.

Access and Correction of Personal Data
If you wish to update or otherwise change or remove any information that you provide to us, please contact us at:

How long does SAS keep the information?
We shall retain your personal data for as long as is necessary for the above mentioned purposes and take reasonable measures to destroy any personal data that is no longer necessary to meet those purposes.

SAS security measures
All your personal data is kept confidential and SAS takes all reasonable measures to protect it from unauthorized or accidental access, processing or loss, by implementing appropriate physical, electronic and supervisory controls.

Protection of Personal Data
SAS protects personal data against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification with security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the personal data, regardless of the format in which it is held.

SAS Commitment
SAS is committed to protecting our stakeholders’ and customers’ personal data in accordance with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”).

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