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2020 Swiss referendums

You are a Swiss citizen living abroad and would like to participate in Swiss political life. You are eligible to participate in popular votes at federal level as well as elections to the National Council without having to travel to Switzerland.

Do take part, if you are not yet a registered voter you can do this easily. or will give you plenty of information about votes and elections. The votes from abroad are equal in numbers to the votes from the third largest canton in Switzerland – so if we all take party our voice will be heard!

Cost of Living Calculator


Have you been contributing to the Swiss old-age and survivors insurance and disability insurance for the last 5 consecutive years? Then you are entitled to still contribute on a voluntary basis while living abroad. Swiss citizens living abroad can join the voluntary insurance within the first 12 months.

Pension fund / Vested Benefits
If you have you been contributing to a pension fund in Switzerland then you can join the voluntary insurance of the “Stiftung Auffangeinrichtung BVG” within 3 months after leaving the mandatory insurance. Premiums will be based on your last drawn salary and depend on the inclusion of risk coverage (Disability & Death). There is no employer contribution.

Payout of the pension capital / vested benefits
The domicile of the pension fund / vested benefit foundation determines the source tax rate applied and tax rates vary from canton to canton.

Health & Accident insurance
If you feel like your health & accident insurance coverage is not sufficient, you might be interested in below insurance solution. (E.g. trailing spouse with a partner on a local contract is likely to have no accident insurance coverage and only limited health insurance coverage.)

Swiss banks

There are now 3 banks that encourage Swiss living abroad to open accounts with them: Migros Bank, Valiant Bank and Neue Helvetische Bank. In case you are forced to change your bank account to another bank check them out. Postfinance remains an option as well. Once the “automatische Informationsaustausch” (automatic exchange of banking information) is in place in about two years’ time, many problems regarding bank accounts should resolve themselves but not everyone can or wants to wait that long.

Swiss School in Singapore (SSiS)

SSiS is a German-speaking, international School in Singapore located in the area of Bukit Tinggi with around 300 students from Pre-School through Primary School who learn and play in a unique, green and familiar learning environment. Its curriculum is based on a bilingual education in German and English and includes French from Primary 5 onwards.


Employing a Foreign Domestic Worker (“Helper”)

Finding Employment

Driving License

The Swiss driving license is valid in Singapore for one year.

Within the first year only a Basic Theory Test (BTT) is required to convert the Swiss driving license into a Singaporean one.
(Expect a waiting list of 2-3 months for the Basic Theory Test.)


Postal Services

  • Swiss Post offers an online portal that allows changing the old Swiss address, forwarding letters to abroad etc.
  • Singpost also offers an online portal that allows organising mail.

Leaving Singapore


Before/when leaving Singapore your remuneration is withheld until all tax duties are settled.

Upcoming Events

The Swiss Association of Singapore offers a large range of events and provides a platform of contact and network to Swiss people living in Singapore.


Swiss Association Singapore
C/O Embassy of Switzerland
911 Bukit Timah Road, Level 2
Singapore 589622

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