Korean Rice Wine Making & Tasting

Date(s) - 21 May 2022
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Dear Members and Friends,

We are very excited to offer a Korean Rice Wine Making & Tasting with Yoosun at her private home.

Makgeolli(raw rice wine)” is a traditional Korean alcoholic beverage. This lightly sparkling rice wine has sweet, tangy, bitter and astringent taste which is usually served chilled, in a bottle or in a pottery bowl with a ladle. Prior to drinking, the bottle should be gently flipped upside down several time in order to get it mixed well.

Makgeolli is often served with fried buchimgae, Korean pancakes, such as pajeon (made with scallions), haemul-panjeon (made with scallions and seafood), and bindae-tteok (made with mung beans and pork). Consuming makgeolli with these pancakes is a custom often associated with rainy days. There are a number of theories regarding the origin. The first theory is the effect of association, whereby the sound of the rain is similar to the sizzling sound of a pancake making, so when it rains, pajeon automatically comes to mind. The second theory has to do with traditional agricultural culture. When the farmers were not able to work due to the rain, especially during the rainy season of Summer, they made pajeon to soothe their hunger and accompanied it with makgeolli, a farmer’s favorite drink. Naturally, it became a seasonal food, and the tradition has been passed down to this day.

Date: Saturday, 21st May 2022
Timing: 15:00 – 17:30 pm (2.5 hours)
Fee: S$120 for Members, S$135 for Non-Members (Some Korean pancakes will be offered.)
Private place (The detail of the exact address will be only shared with the attendees.)

What to offer:

  • Master to make awesome home-made Makgeolli, Korean Rice Wine, with the lovely chef, Yoosun: You will learn how to brew delicious Makgeolli and get to taste different types of Makgeolli
  • Get to know Korean culture
  • Take home your Makgeolli and share it with the family and friends
  • All materials will be provided

Due to the limited spots available, the registration is mandatory and should be done by 18th May 2022. Please also note that free cancellations can be only done with an email notice till 48 hours prior to the event.

If the event is already fully booked and you would be interested in attending, please write an email to julie.choi@swiss-sg.org.

We are looking forward to having fun with making Makgeolli with you.

Best regards,

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No-shows & cancellations fees:

No-shows will be charged. Free cancellation can be done till 2 days prior to the event by sending an email to: ecteam@swiss-sg.org. Cancellations made later will be charged the event costs.

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