Fa Ren Void Deck Table Tennis Chap Pa Lang

Date(s) - 15 October 2023
8:30 am - 12:30 pm


Dear Members and Friends,

The FaRen Void Deck Table Tennis Comunity is invitung you to their Table Tennis Chap Pa Lang Event. You may ask what the the name Chap Pa Lang means? Chap Pa Lang is a Local Lingo and means a mixture of anything. In this event, participants are to use an array of different unique rackets for their matches. Namely, the curve handle racket with rubbers, Sand Paper surface racket and Wooden racket without rubbers.

The event is a cultural/table tennis exchange where it allows Swiss Association Members and Guests to get to know about the Fa Ren Community & experience Singapore Void Deck Table Tennis culture and present a chance for global citizens to interact/connect with each other.

Format: Max 12 invited adult participants. (6 spots for Fa Ren members and 6 spots for Swiss Association Singapore participants, of which non is a professional player). Single knock out and matches are best of five games. Before each match, participants are about to draw the type of rackets they will use for their respective matches using a dice. Otherwise, ITTF Table Tennis rules to apply. The sequence of matches will be decided by the organiser.

Notes :
1. Participants shall keep score of their matches and register them correctly.
2. Participants shall be in proper sporting attire, bring their own balls and racket for warm ups
3. Participants shall keep clean the premises at all times.
4. Participants will be responsible for the own safety and any risk involve in participating for the above event.
5. In the case of a dispute the organiser’s decision is final.

Participants information to provide (only to be shared between the competitors of the tournament):

– Brief Participants Profile about themselves for Fa Ren Blog such as name of participant; brief introduction of him or herself; playing profile of each, including playing style, equipment, how long they have been playing, how often they play and where.
-Provide a smart photo of him/herself at Farrer.

The event is organised by the Fa Ren (法人) Void Deck Table Tennis Community and supported by the Tsao Foundation. Find out more about the community: https://farencommunity.wordpress.com/

Date: Sunday, 15th of October 2023

Registration deadline: 1st October 2023, 12 pm

Time: The Tournament starts at 8.30 am

End: The event ends around 12.30 pm

Venue: 3 Queens Road void deck Table Tennis Tables, Singapore 266734

Price: Members pay 30$, Non-Members pay 45$

Prize: TBC if any

Isotonic Drinks, Cristal tiger beer, Lemon beer & Light food to be provided. The drink and food
be Chap Pa Lang basis as well.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Kind regards