COMs Changes and Farwell


Beside change of presidency, some Committee Members are leaving, some are staying and some are coming!

Let’s start to say one more time THANK YOU to the 2013 Committee Members and wish a bid farewell to:

Axelle Warnery-Hertzeisen, Vice president
Eve Wyss, Secretary
Maimunah Kunze, Treasurer
Celine Foelmli, Webmaster
Laurence Chehab-Fabry, Events Coordinator
Ursula Menzinger, Events Coordinator

We are happy to let you know that we have

two ladies staying:

Murielle Henchoz, Vice president (previously Events Coordinator)
Valentine Le Picard, Events Coordinator

And finally a warm welcome to the new comers:

Julia Ewell, Secretary
Roel Simons, Treasurer
Cathia Magnenat, Webmaster (previously she actively helped the Committee)
Suzanne Cifuentes, Events Coordinator

There are many more volunteers behind the SAS who actively contribute to it success and we wish to thanks them all!

The Editor Team