Welcome to the Swiss Association of Singapore’s website and thank you for your visit to our pages.

Whether you are a current or former member or someone interested in the association’s activities and the role we play within the Swiss community, may I kindly invite you to browse through our new website to find out more.

Why join the Swiss Association of Singapore?

First of all, what is an association? Well it is

  • Being involved with other people or organizations that have the same purpose
  • An organized group of people who have the same interests
  • A connection or relationship between things or people

You might ask:

Do all members need to be involved? Absolutely not. But our aim is to have as many of you as possible play an active role, either by participating in some of the activities or by giving us feedback; telling us what we could improve on, or simply what you don’t like. Giving our community some of your free time, sharing your skills.

A common purpose? Our role as an association is to:

  • Create a network for Swiss nationals living in Singapore
  • Liaise between the Swiss embassy and the Swiss community in Singapore
  • Partner with other national and local organizations (member of UAS)
  • Organize social and recreational events that are in the general interest of our members (over 50 events every year)

What about a common interest you may ask? I do know that we don’t all share Jass as an interest! It’s the fact that we all have different interests, different daily activities, different lifestyles, that we exist as an association. There’s something for everyone.

A connection: Are you a native Swiss or do you have Swiss roots? Are you a friend of Switzerland? Have you lived in this small alpine nation or toured the land while on holiday?

And lastly a relationship? Well yes, we like to think that SAS is a friendly, open community. Looking to welcome new and old members, Swiss and non-Swiss. Creating social, interpersonal, cultural, professional opportunities for anyone part of the community. So please, have a browse through our website and see what we are all about!

Thanks again for your interest and support.
Kind regards,
Claire Lecomte